Day 200 – Pledge to Clean Stainless Steel

You would think that I would have some major significant project to ring in day 200 with, but the truth is:

1. I am tired.

2. I have some school work to do.

3. I have some house work to do.

All of those things combined means that I really do not feel like a big Pinterest mess tonight. It is just a fact of life. I am sorry. Check back with me some other day to see a detailed tutorial about how to do something great. This just isn’t one of those nights.

But tonight’s idea is great anyway…

I did a stainless steel cleaning thing a little while back where I used cream of tartar. It worked pretty well, but it left a white film that needed to be cleaned off after the original scrubbing.

Tonight, I sprayed some Pledge on a paper towel and rubbed it on the side of my toaster oven that is next to my sink. This thing gets pretty dirty pretty quick because of its close proximity to splattering dishes. The Pledge immediately cleared up the stainless steel, leaving a nice shiny surface. No white residue that needed to be wiped away. I definitely think that this method worked much better than the cream of tartar. I highly recommend it.

Total cost: $0


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