Day 12

Day 12

We had the pleasure of making a road trip out to West Virginia today to visit the camp where my friend is the director. It is a high adventure camp, where things like caving and climbing and canoeing are done. As I sit here and type this, we are sitting outside of the locked cabin waiting for said friend to arrive. It has been 1 hour.


We rode with our friends, Jenny and Dan. We met them at the Charles Town, WV Wal-Mart to travel the rest of the way together. If you ever wondered where the photos on people of Wal-mart come from, it is here. And all we did was drive around the parking lot.

As soon as we got on the way, I relieved everyone’s boredom with a delightful game of travel bingo. I picked one that had only road signs, which seemed to me would be the easiest to complete. It turns out that it was quite a long game. All I needed was a railroad crossing sign to win, and being that I have made this trip 2 other times (2 more times than anyone else in the car), I knew a railroad was coming up. I got into telling a story and all of the sudden Dan yells out RAILROAD SIGN! BINGO!


I lost.


Now we are sitting here and today is quickly dwindling away. It is 11:29. I have no internet access, even though there is a perfectly working internet connection that I just don’t have the password to. Just like there is a perfectly cozy lodge that I don’t have the key to. Lucky for us, I was watching Arrested Development Season 2 the other day and never took it out of my computer. We have 86% of battery power left on the computer. That should keep us going for a while…


I sure love the outdoors :o/


Day 11

In keeping with “Mostly Free Pinterest Week,” I decided that I needed to do some house cleaning tonight. I am not going to be home all weekend, and I definitely did not want to come back to a messy house. I found this “Clean Your House in 15 Minutes A Day” page, and I thought, well, since I set aside tonight to clean, if I do all of the days of the week, that should be a totally clean house in less than 2 hours. Awesome! I started on Thursday because, well, today is Thursday. It said to clean the front bathroom. I set the timer for 15 minutes, and in just 9 minutes, it was clean-floors and everything. Probably not the most clean ever, but clean enough that if you came over I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I used the extra 6 minutes to get my kitchen started. That place was a bit of a disaster so I figured it could use a little extra TLC. Then I got the laundry started, but I didn’t want to waste a lot of time, so I was sort of moving with a little bit of speed throughout the house. I suppose I was speed cleaning the bathroom too, because Chris saw me getting things done and he said “Why exactly are you running around here like a crazy person?” Oh Pinterest!

Then came the kitchen. I set the timer for 20 minutes and got started on the dishes. I am thinking that the “Clean Your House in 15 Minutes A Day” lady has a dishwasher. I do not. I spent the first 20 minutes washing dishes…and a good part of the second 20 minutes. I was finished all of the cleaning slightly after the third 20 minutes. I wanted to do a decent job of this because kitchens can get icky and need more work than the rarely-used bathroom that I just cleaned last weekend.

The website says to take the weekends off, and since I am going through my week of cleaning, that would mean Monday comes next. That is vacuum your entire house day. Fortunately Unfortunately, the Ravens game is on tonight, and I would probably get thrown out if I tried vacuuming, so I will just resume this little cleaning regimen when I come back from West Virginia on Sunday. Ok, let’s be real. I will probably resume it on Monday. Ok, let’s be actually real. I probably won’t.

Today’s Cost


Day 10

Tonight I get to have dinner with my favorite group of girls, so I probably won’t get home until late. So instead of doing some quick boring Pinterest project, I decided to get started early today. I made breakfast. I followed the directions to make these egg cups. I was able to get it started before I was ready, and in 18 minutes I had a nice hot breakfast ready for me when I was done getting dressed. I put it on an English muffin with a piece of American cheese. The black spots you see are pepper. The recipe didn’t call for that, but I like when eggs are cooked with salt and pepper, not just sprinkled on top.

I had farm fresh eggs from my favorite sister-in-law’s chickens (ok, they are really my brother-in-law’s chickens but I doubt he is reading this). Some of them can be pretty large, so I was a little afraid they wouldn’t fit in the muffin cup. They fit just fine. I set the timer for 15 minutes, but the yolks looked very very runny. A little runny would be ok, but not raw-runny, so I left them in for another 3 minutes. That caused the yolks to completely cook. It turns out they just looked runny from the top, but they were actually cooked inside. Oh well. It was really good. The only problem I can see is that the muffin cup is very much smaller than the English muffin, so there were a lot of bites of just muffin and cheese. I was thinking maybe next time I should squish the egg down harder so it spreads out more. I made extras, so I will try that for tomorrow’s breakfast. This is definitely a Pinterest project I recommend you try (if you like eggs of course).

Toal Cost:


Eggs were free

English Muffins were buy one get one free, so I would like to pretend that this is the free pack 🙂

Day 9

Pinterest Success! After yesterday’s disaster, there was nowhere to go but up. Today I made this Weight Watchers Chicken for dinner. The recipe called for Italian breadcrumbs. I had plain breadcrumbs and I added oregano and basil. The recipe called for parmesan cheese. I had mozzarella. Other than that, I pretty much followed the recipe. It was tasty. I would definitely make this again. It could use a little salt, but I suppose that is why it is Weight Watchers. I had broccoli and applesauce with it. This was our second real-life actual meal in a row. We are usually really good about having healthy dinners, but we have gotten really busy and it has been a while. The routine of school should help that get back to normal.


Total Cost:

Let’s call it $0. I had all of the things in my house already. There’s hardly any way for me to price this out. It can’t be much anyway.

Day 8

Pinterest Fail! Today’s activity was not a keeper. I decided to try Plastic Wrap Marble Nails in conjunction with using cold water to completely dry your nails (in just 3 minutes!). Well don’t waste your life.

First I painted my nails with a dark steely silver (Revlon “Steel Her Heart”) and to dry them, I put them in cold water for 3 minutes each. I didn’t time it, but I think it was probably longer than 3 minutes. Plus the time that each hand was out of the water while the other one was in.

Then I painted a lighter silver (Revlon “Silver Screen”) over top and immediately blotted with plastic wrap.

This messy grossness is what happened next:



I am willing to admit that perhaps if my nails were dried more completely when I applied the second silver coat, maybe the results would have been different. In my defense though, the Pinterest post says it will dry it completely if you soak it in water. I just went back to it to double check, and I clicked on the link to take me to where it is posted originally. Pinterest has blocked that website for inappropriate content. Maybe because IT IS ALL A LIE! I have even started to only pin things when I have been sure they are connected to an actual tutorial or website or something that looks somewhat credible. I guess this one slipped through the cracks. I have often been thinking that someone could just create a remedy that is 100% made up, just to see how many people on Pinterest try it. “Putting maple leaves in your water gets rid of a headache in 24 seconds” “Eating 43 skittles every day has been proven to reduce your risk of heart disease” I mean, it seems pretty simple to dupe people through Pinterest. We are all so excited to see all these new things we’ve never thought of before that we forget to think realistically.  Not anymore people…not anymore. (Ok, I can’t actually promise this…I still have 357 days of this to go. It is very probable that this could happen again).


Total Cost:

$0 (Thank goodness!)

Day 7

Tomorrow is the first day with students and it is after 11:00 and I am still up and Pinteresting. The old me would be really worried right now. I’m not sure why, but I am just feeling like tomorrow is a regular day. I will probably be frantic in the morning, trying to remember all of the things I think I have forgotten. For now though, I am just admiring my new calendar cover.

I got this fabric in the clearance section of Walmart’s fabrics. I am so glad they decided to sell fabric again. I adapted this Pin about making a composition book cover. I suppose measurement is really as important as everyone makes it out to be because this cover happens to be a bit snug. In other words, the old red cover that used to be on it…

Imagine a red plastic book-looking thing with a silver dolphin in the middle. (I am having technical difficulties getting this picture to appear)

…wouldn’t fit. But when I took it off, it is perfect. I think I need to put some cardboard in there to make it a little more sturdy. Sadly, just this morning I decided it was time to part with my saved cereal boxes from my failed project attempt on Day 1. I should have another box ready by later this week though. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out:


It is a much more vibrant blue than this picture makes you think.


From afar it looks really great. It won’t be winning any sewing competitions or anything. I messed up and had to remove my stitching about 4 times, not counting the fact that it is too small. What I thought would be a less-than-an-hour-project turned into a two-hour project. Oops.



Today’s total:

<$1.50 because I still have enough fabric left to do some other stuff.

Day 6

Today’s post is not meant to be a disappointment. I never intended on making a craft or project for all 365 days. With school starting, the first 5 days included a lot of crafty activities, which is unrealistic for every day of the week. I mean, I do have other things to do with my life. Such as jousting. Today was my second-ever joust, and while I probably placed 24 out of 30, I still caught 5 out of 9 rings, which isn’t so bad (for me). It turned out to be a lot longer than we thought since we had a very long rain delay in the middle. I finally made it home, and I decided that I would much rather save a creative project for another day.

Today I chose a cleaning project. The title of the post was 10 Household Items You Can Clean in 1 Minute. I have the energy for 1 minute of something, but not much more than that. I chose to clean my remotes. I made a solution of equal parts of alcohol and water and wiped those dirty things down. I used a q-tip to get in between the buttons and a toothpick to get down the sides. I have to say, that while I have cleaned these before, I have never used alcohol. Based on the amount of grime that I just cleaned off, I will be adding this quick cleaning project to my routine. Eew. It is easy to forget that they are there.

I was thinking that I should’ve timed this, but I didn’t. It probably took more than 1 minute, but not much more. Maybe 5. Chris was watching the Oriole’s game and I just casually took the remote from beside him. He thought I was going to just change the channel on him, but when I took it into the kitchen, he thought I was going to wash dishes while I watched TV. Then when I didn’t change the channel, he said (in a very skeptical, accusatory tone…) “What in the WORLD are you doing!?!”

I am happy to say that the cost for this project is:


(that is my favorite price)

Day 5

After yesterday’s marathon of Pinteresting, today is going to seem a little bit disappointing. I had a crazy day of getting ready for kids and I decided not to do the one project I was planning to do, so I was at a loss. As I was tidying up my desk, I found all these papers that I had been meaning to put into the cute binder I got from Target. Then I remembered why I bought that binder in the first place. I saw this binder on PINTEREST. Perfect. Now I had a project for the day.


It is a little blurry. Sorry.

The dividers I bought for this project come with a type of paper that I can’t erase, and since I am not good with commitment, I am afraid to write on them before I am sure of exactly what I want. Right now I am toying with the ideas of testing, student info, schedules, PGP (professional growth plan), and miscellaneous. I have put papers in as if the dividers are labeled, but I am afraid I will change my mind once I get another type of paper that seems like it should have its own category. The dividers I bought have neat little pockets on them, kind of like a pocket folder, except they are clear plastic, so right now it is holding the note sheet where I wrote my tentative ideas. Very handy.

I am excited about this addition to my organization. Sometimes I can be a paper-piler when I don’t know what to do with things that I know are important. I might not have a home for something, but I know I should keep it. Now that my desk is in the center of the room and it is a shared room where other people will be seeing my junk, I need to try my hardest to keep my piles under control. This binder should be the key to my paper-piling habit. (I hope).


Total cost: $4

Day 4

Today was a big Pinterest day. I did 3 activities today. That’s right. Three. It’s not that I am trying to go overboard, but there were a lot of good ideas and I am running out of time before school starts, so I needed to do them.

The first thing I did was the apple project. I think it is so important for parents to realize their role in their child’s life. Sometimes it is easy for parents to think that the most important learning happens at school, but it truly has to be a team effort. I loved these apples and I wanted to get them to as many parents as possible. I am going to give them out at the Meet the Teacher time tomorrow afternoon, and then any leftovers will be given out to parents on Back to School Night (I hope they last until then). Here are the ones I made:

Pinterest project number two for the day is a little gift for the kiddos. I put Lucky Charms in a baggie and stapled a note that said “We are so Lucky to have you in our class.” It is kind of silly and totally unnecessary, but I think it will really set the tone for the class. We are glad they are there and we want them to feel comfortable and welcome. Maybe this little snack can be a reminder. Also maybe some of them will scarf it down without reading the note. Probably more of the second one, but it is worth a shot.



Project number three was actually the first one I did today because I was so excited. I decorated my desk. All night last night, I was planning on using a blue sparkly border that I already had, but when I got there today, I really felt that that just wouldn’t do. I didn’t have a pretty black and white border, so I laminated scrapbook paper and cut them into 2 inch wide strips and taped them as a border. Unless you look closely, you can not really see that they are small pieces put together. This is my favorite project in the history of my blog.


Today’s Cost:

I prefer not to think about today’s cost thank you very much. But in the interest of full disclosure:

Lucky Charms Baggies: $4

Apples: $5

Desk: $5 (fabric is way more expensive than you might realize)


Grand Total: $14


I am thinking that next week will be mostly free Pinterest projects week.

Day 3

Day 3

No one got the 1 million imaginary bonus points, but it is ok because I absolutely love today’s project. I covered clothespins with scrapbook paper and hot-glued tacks onto the back. I put them in rows on my bulletin board to hang student work.  I did a combination of papers: black and white dots and turquoise and white dots. I had hoped to put it on a background of bright pink, but there was no more bright pink paper when I went for it. I picked purple instead and used a sparkly silver border.  It serves the purpose for a background. I think that it will look lovely when awesome student work is hung up there. Our classroom is very Pinterested-out and I am sure it will only get better as the year goes on.


Here is a close-up:


Today’s cost:

$2.22, but I prefer to look at it as 4 cents per clothes pin 🙂