Day 234 – Car Washing Tips


This post is out of order. It was originally posted on April 10, 2013, but I have been getting a lot of spam comments (like 8 a day), so I needed to delete it. It’s not even that good of a topic. Stupid spammers!

I. Needed. A. Car. Wash.

But I hate paying a machine to do something that I can do for free, so I had to wait for the weather to be perfect. I figured it doesn’t get much better than today at nearly 90 degrees in April, so I gave it a go.

I looked up some car washing tips and I found a few that I liked (and a few that seemed like I needed more research…baking soda in with the cleaner? I am not convinced.)

This post had a lot of great suggestions, such as parking your car in the shade so that the sun didn’t bake on the soap before you could wash it off. My personal favorite was having two buckets of water: one clean and one soapy. I would dip the rag in the soapy water and scrub the car like normal, and then when I was squirting the soap off of that section of the car with the hose, I tossed it into the clean bucket to rinse off the dirt. Then I would dunk it in the soapy bucket to scrub some more. The soapy bucket stayed nearly perfectly clear and the other bucket…well…it got pretty ugly.

Before this method, I would usually change out my water midway through the wash, but now, that is completely unnecessary.

(Sorry that there are no pictures. I was going to show the dirty water to you, but the bucket was blue and you really could not tell. You can come to my yard and I will show you where I poured the water out. Unfortunately I don’t think that will be very satisfying as the dirt from the water has mixed with the dirt from the dirt…sorry)

Total cost: $0