Day 201 – Hot Glue Strips on Rug

Don’t you hate it when your dog runs full speed over your wood floors and skids on your rug, sending her careening across the living room?

Well, that doesn’t happen in my house because we have wall to wall carpet, but my mother-in-law really hates it. So to solve that problem, I decided to help her out by putting strips of hot glue on the back side of the rug to stop the slippage.

I was afraid that you would feel the glue strips in bare feet, but thankfully you couldn’t. It is seeming to be quite successful. It was kind of tough to force the dog to run full speed at the rug. She was pretty sleepy tonight. I am sure the next time there is a visitor at the door, those glue strips will be tested. If nothing else, it will at least slow her down a bit.

Total cost: $0


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