Day 44

I love Pinterest for dinner! I was home alone and there was nothing stopping me from finishing off this entire pan of s’mores brownies for dinner.

S’mores brownies? I didn’t make any s’mores brownies tonight! I don’t know what you are talking about!

Too bad my dumb old conscience got in the way and I held back from eating all of them.

I almost had a fatal mishap that would have jeopardized the success of the brownies. I was a little distracted, so I saw the picture on the brownie box that showed a cup of water. I took that to mean 1 cup of water. As I was pouring it in, I quickly realized that this was a terrible accident, and I stopped just in time. I can’t be sure exactly how much water made it into the mix, but it worked out just fine. I did not have another brownie mix, so then I would have had to do some sort of boring filler Pinterest project tonight. I am sure we are all so very glad that didn’t happen.

In the taste department, these brownies rate pretty high. I would say they definitely do not taste like a s’more though. More like a brownie with marshmallows and chocolate on top, but there is nothing wrong with that. I cut myself a very small one…about 1.5 x 1.5 inches, and I don’t know that I could have eaten much more than that in one sitting. I will probably try one again later tonight, just to check to see that I still like them.

Total cost:


Day 43

I accidentally did 2 projects today. The main project has been in the works for a few days, but dinner just kind of happened. I had decided we were having something with chicken and shrimp for dinner tonight, but I wasn’t sure what. Thanks to Pinterest, I found this delicious dinner idea. It was so good! I fixed some pasta to go with it and it tasted like a restaurant meal. I added some parmesan cheese to mine which made it even better. One of the greatest parts was fixing just the right amount for no leftovers and no wasted food. Quite often, leftovers sit in our refrigerator for quite some time, but I am trying very hard to be better about eating them. I am off the hook for leftovers tonight because it is all gone. Hooray!

My main project was to copy this nameplate idea for Alyssa and Nick. I think the Pinterest person’s is cuter than mine, but I was working within a budget and with materials that I had available. I had to buy the boards and the paper, but I already had Mod Podge and the white paint came from samples that my mother-in-law bought to try on her house. This one did not make the cut for her walls, but it made a perfect background color for cute scrapbook paper. Overall, I am very happy with the way it turned out. I feel that they need some ribbon or something to go around the edge, and I have some, but I am not sure that it fits the motif that I am going for. I am going to keep my eyes out, but I will probably let them just stay simple.

Total cost:

This is a short post for having 2 projects!

Day 42

Day 42 brings you two projects. This was my first “around the house” day in a long time and I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish. Sometime around mid morning, I realized that I should eat some breakfast, and Chris suggested I make bacon and eggs. He missed the point about how I wanted to clean…not mess. Bacon=mess without a doubt. But I was hungry, and there weren’t so many other options. I remembered seeing this pinterest thing where you cook bacon in the oven. I had heard about that a few times before, but I was not sure how it would work. Thanks to Martha Stewart, now I know. I put the slices of bacon on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper and baked them for about 18 minutes. It cooked the bacon perfectly, and the clean-up was a breeze. I threw away the parchment paper and wiped out the excess grease with a paper towel. Then I could just wash the cookie sheets like normal. I will definitely do this again!

The other project was not quite so successful. You see, a few days ago, it just so happened that rice was cooking on the stove and somehow it was a little bit forgotten about and it is now a big black mess on the bottom of my stainless steel pot. I have this dish soap that boasts how you can soak even the grimiest pans and it works in just 5 minutes. I have used this before (on regular stuck on grimy dishes and pans) and it works wonderfully. Well, it does not do a thing for this black charred mess. I scrubbed and scrubbed with a scouring pad, and I got a 2 x 1 inch piece off. But I was exhausted. (Did I mention that I have been working on the pan for DAYS. I figured I would scrub a bit every day until it comes off…) Today I decided to take my predicament to Pinterest and see if anyone had any brilliant ideas. I only found one, so I tried it. I boiled the heck out of that vinegar and I poured in the baking soda like a champ and it sure fizzed up nice and fizzy…and it was just as equally impossible to scrub as ever. I think I need to say goodbye to my pot. To make me feel better about things, Chris suggested that now this is a good excuse to get one of the Calphalon pots I have been looking at. I guess 1 ruined pot in 7 years isn’t so bad. I just hate hate hate when things get messed up. I like my things to stay like new. I keep my small appliances in their original boxes so they still seem new. When I was little, I had a Kid Sister doll (her name was Melanie) and I desperately wanted to take her into the bathtub with me. My mom (who has the same keeping-things-new disorder as I do…wonder where I got it from…) warned me against it and told me how her hair would never be the same after that. Stubbornly, I begged and begged, and I guess she wanted to teach me a lesson (or she is a softy and just wanted me to have a fun bath). I took my (completely cloth except the face) doll into the bathtub, and while she always seemed to smell of my soap, her hair was never the same. My mom tried to re-braid it, but it just wasn’t as tight as the factory braiding. From that day forward, I never undid my dolls hair and I realized how much I like things to be just like new. I had a Rockstar Barbie who had super tight hot pink pants. I remember my cousin Erica telling me to never take those pants off of her or I would never be able to get them back on. I can assure you that Rockstar Barbie is still in my parents’ attic with her original hot pink pants on because I never wanted that to happen.

I guess sometimes you can’t avoid problems like this, but I am still sad. If you have any tips or tricks that you have tried to get burnt on food to come off of a pan, send them my way.


Total Cost:

$5 for the bacon

$probably a jillion for the pot :/


(I noticed from this post that I am an over-user of parentheses. I will try to improve on that)

Day 41

Today I had the pleasure of spending some time with my former roomies from college. It has been a while since I have seen some of these girls, so it was really nice to catch up. The plan was to do some crafts (as is typical Roomie Reunion style), so I went to Michael’s before I left to get some supplies for a Pinterest project. Well after talking to Tori, I decided that my project was not going to be able to be completed in one day, so even though I had already bought the supplies, I didn’t have anything to really work on. (But it will be great…you will see it one day).

So instead, Tori decided to paint my nails. I love it when someone else paints my nails. It usually turns out much nicer than when I do it myself. We tried this nail idea where you swirl two colors together. It was about four tenths successful. 40% of my nails are just like I wanted them, and the rest are good…passable, but it was much more difficult than we thought it would be. We lacked a toothpick, so we broke a plastic fork and used one of the tines to swirl the colors. This is where most of the trouble came. First we didn’t have enough paint, then we had too much paint, then the swirl got all jumbled, then it was clumpy…after 9 nails, #10 is perfect. Doesn’t that just figure.

Total cost:

Not counting what I got from Michael’s that I did not use today…


Day 40

With 365 days of Pinteresting on the horizon, I had thought about how fun it would be to redo a piece of furniture. There are a lot of wonderful ideas like Mod-Podging lace onto a dresser drawer and then painting over it, or to take the drawers out of a dresser and make it into a console table. I really want to try the one where you turn a dresser into a bench with drawers underneath for storage. I did a tiny bit of searching for pieces at places like Goodwill and yard sales, but the one or two times that I searched for something great, I turned up empty handed. Then my wonderful friend Victoria proposed that I paint and old shelf she had. She wanted it to be in varying shades of pink, much like this project idea. That was when we went to Lowes and picked out paint samples. She chose Deep Desire, Romantic Rose, Restful Rose, and Innocence; each shade getting progressively lighter. The paint mixer girl said she would be finished in about 10 minutes. That was when we wandered the store and played Pirate (Day 31). In 10 minutes we came back and noticed that Mixer Girl had skipped Restful Rose and created Practically Pink, which we did not ask for in the first place. She had made marks on the paper on the correct colors, but somehow we had the wrong colors and Mixer Girl was nowhere to be found. Luckily, Mixer Man was nearby and assisted us in making the switch. I had always wondered where those “oops” paints came from. I guess it is from when the mixers mix the wrong colors or people don’t return after their 10 minutes to pick up their paint. Now someone was going to get a bargain on a sample of Practically Pink. I went to get a paintbrush while Tori got the samples straight and we were on our way. All was going well except for when we had the mishap of a perfectly paint-sample-shaped hole in our shopping bag, which resulted in each of the containers rolling through the parking lot.

A few days later, I got started on painting, knowing it was likely going to be a job that would take some time. I did the first coat of Deep Desire and Romantic Rose. Then when it was time for Restful Rose, somehow that was nowhere to be found, but we had two jars of Innocence. What the heck happened?!?! No one seems to know. I thought we had checked before we left, but apparently not. So that meant more delays in this project coming to completion. Tonight was the first night since I have had Restful Rose that I have been able to complete it.

In keeping with the mishap style throughout the course of this project, it began raining shortly after I started painting outside tonight. I had noticed that it looked a little cloudy, but that doesn’t always mean rain. Chris looked up the forecast and there was a tiny pocket going south of us that had a little patch headed our way, but with any luck, I thought it might pass right by. I painted a little more quickly than I may normally, but to no avail…it started to rain. Not a big hard rain, but just enough that it was putting marks in my paint. I lugged that thing into my shed and figured I would finish it another day. Then I decided that there really wasn’t that much more to do, so I grabbed a lantern and kept on working. The lighting situation wasn’t the greatest, but it got the job done. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

This picture makes the very top look the same shade as the top shelf, but it is actually different.

Total cost:


Day 39

Have you played Ruzzle? It is an app on my phone that I have recently been introduced to and I am pretty terrible. To play, you connect letters to the side or diagonally to create words, but you only have 2 minutes. I am not good under such pressure. I saw this downloadable Boggle game where you put a grid of letters on the wall and students have to find as many words as they can within the given letters. I decided to turn this “Boggle” into “Ruzzle” to bring it into the modern decade. When I was a child, we had all of these old games with pictures of kids with bowl cuts and rainbow sweaters. Among these games was Boggle. I played it a time or two, but compared to the fun ones like Monopoly and Life, Boggle was a bit less fun. When I became a teacher, I kidnapped Boggle and used it in my classroom, and I am sure if I dug deep enough, I would find it somewhere in some box or bin or closet.

This version is much more fun because it is wall sized and now is called Ruzzle. Surely that changes the old boring bowl-cut-hair-do version into a fun and exciting almost-technologically-advanced version. (Ok, so I pretty much only changed the name and a rule or two, but whatever…). Here is the link to the blog where you can download the letters, and I will upload the attachment to my rule sheet. I am not sure how the font will turn out to you when you try to open it because it is one of my new ones that you might not have on your computer (it is called Skinny Jeans). I printed a few extra vowels from the Ruzzle letters because they need to connect letters together and vowels are very useful for multisyllabic words. We’ll see if this turns out to be as successful as I hope it will be! Be on the lookout for an update at the end of the month.

Ruzzle Directions

Total cost:

Definitely not $0 considering the cost of ink these days…also considering that my 10 year old printer seems to be on its last leg. I had to clear paper jams about every 3 sheets it printed. I would estimate tonight’s cost somewhere between $2 (for ink and paper) and $70 (for a new printer).

Day 38

I didn’t have a plan for tonight. Usually I sit down on Sundays and plan out my week of Pinterest, but since the Ravens were playing this past Sunday night, I guess I just slipped. I had enough to carry me through for two days, but today came and I was at a loss. Early this morning when I wasn’t ready to get up, I noticed a pin that talked about hard boiling eggs with baking soda to help the shells come off easily. I really like pins that are linked to a blog and I usually like to find the original source of the pin, so I clicked on it. It said that it worked well, but that the eggs sometimes had a sulfuric taste. That did not interest me one bit, so I decided that was not a good idea for tonight’s project. Also because I have a lot of lunchmeat left, and last night’s pork dinner that turned into tonight’s bbq sandwiches could also be a lunch. I certainly did not need to cook any eggs in addition to all that other food I have.

Since I had already pulled the eggs out (which I was pretty confident were still fresh, but I don’t specifically remember when I bought them), I decided to test them for freshness. You will be happy to know that all 4 of them were as fresh as can be. Even the 5th one I tried was fresh, but it was all cracked, so I pitched it.

Since this was kind of a boring project day, I decided to dazzle you with the fancy font downloading that I got from Pinterest. There are so many cute ones from this site. The only problem is that I am struggling to understand quite how to make them active in Word. Sometime around August 19th I needed a good pirate font to help me with my nephew’s birthday cake so I downloaded one, but it never showed up. Frustrated, I chose a standard font and went about my business. The other day, however, I noticed that it was on my list of fonts right in the correct alphabetical order. That inspired me to try this pin that I had seen a while ago. Last night I downloaded one, and it did not show up. I restarted Word…it wasn’t there. I restarted my computer…it wasn’t there. I tried some other junk…it wasn’t there. It said it was installed, but it just wouldn’t show up. I had other important things to do instead of searching for a font, so I quit and figured maybe one day it would show up. This morning at work, I noticed that it was there, just not in alphabetical order. I am not sure why, but it showed up down past “Zapfino” and slightly before the Chinese/Korean/Japanese. I really don’t think it was there last night, but at any rate, I was able to print my objective using it. I told everyone about it, and they kind of looked at me like I was a loser, but since they are nice to me, they politely smiled and continued their boring conversation about our school day (I mean, really, what’s more important here…my font or what we are going to be teaching in a few minutes???) Tonight I decided to try downloading some more fonts. It says they are installed, so I am just waiting for the magic font fairy to appear and bring them to my computer whenever she feels like it. I am not going to take the time to search for them. When they are good and ready to come out, I am sure they will.

If anyone out there knows what I can do to make them appear sooner, that might be a bit of a help too 🙂


Total Cost

(p.s. just kidding about that whole boring conversation comment…we make an awesome team!)

Day 37

Tonight was Pinterest for dinner. I was so excited about making this apple pork tenderloin in the crock pot. I love anything that is in the crock pot because that means that I don’t need to figure out what to fix for dinner when I get home. As I was putting the key in my door, I could smell it cooking from inside. I was slightly disappointed to see how it looked when I peeked in, but I didn’t get too discouraged. My apples had turned very brown and no longer really resembled apples. Maybe that was how it was supposed to look because I never saw a finished product picture. The reviews on the blog where the recipe came from were really great, so I was sure mine was going to be great too. When it came time to eat it, I was quickly saddened to realize that this basically tasted like plain pork. It had a slight appley flavor in certain spots, but mostly it was plain. I quickly made a packet of pork gravy (which I could find very quickly since I had a nice pantry packet organizer from day 19), which made it taste better. I am thinking the problem may lie within the apples. The recipe called for 3 red delicious apples, and the blogger who posted this appeared to use large apples. I thought I had 3 apples, but they were the kind that come all in one bag, which tend to be quite small. And as it turned out, I only had 2 of those. I sliced them pretty thinly to make them go further, and I think that was the problem. There just wasn’t enough apple to give it a strong flavor, and their thinness is probably what made them look so brown after cooking all day.

There is a lot of leftover pork, so I am going to put bbq sauce on it tomorrow and have some sandwiches for dinner. At least we could get 2 dinners out of this meal.

Total cost:


(here’s the blog where this recipe came from if you want to try it. I recommend trying it, but be sure to do the right amount of apples…)

Day 36

I love my Cricut. If you have never used a Cricut, you are really missing out. It cuts paper into beautiful shapes. The one I have only cuts paper, but some cut things like fabric and cake fondant and probably other stuff too. You need to have cartridges of the shapes you want to cut, and I got a little worried that I wouldn’t have a letter cutter that made the type of shape that I would want for this project, but never fear…I had the perfect one.

Tonight I made a key holder from a picture frame and I put my initial inside like the one in the pin. I attached some hooks to the bottom and voila, instant key holder. The only thing I need to change is that I need to put some smaller silver hooks instead of the brass ones I have. That should be an easy enough fix. We bought a really cute picture frame ledge from IKEA yesterday, so once that is put up, I would like to put this key holder under it. Thanks IKEA for 2 great Pinterest projects!

Total cost:


Day 35

I love IKEA. I spent a few hours there today and have 2 Pinterest project ideas in the works. One is tonight’s project, and I am hoping one will be tomorrow’s. I guess that means that tonight’s project is no longer “in the works.” It is completed.

Every month at work we have Goodie Day where one grade level is responsible for bringing delicious treats to share with the staff. It is so fun, and there are a lot of neat things to try, but sometimes it is like a guessing game to see what we are eating. I was supposed to have created labels for the first Goodie Day this year, but I failed at that. Then a co-worker suggested this Pinterest project, and IKEA helped me pull it off.

Today I bought 10 frames. They came in sets of 2 for $2.99, so I figured that was a good enough price. I cut scrapbook paper to go in place of a picture and now people can write with a dry-erase marker to label their goodies. I thought I had a little hiccup in my plans when I realized that the clear part was not glass like I had thought. Instead, it is plastic. I tested with a marker before I opened all of the other ones, and it pretty much erased, so I figured we would be good. You needed to give it a little elbow grease, but it came off. That would do for the few times a year we needed them. Then I put in the paper as the background and replaced the back. When I turned it around to look at it, I noticed that there was still a recycling arrow picture in the middle of the glass. I was so baffled. How do they expect this to come off? I had thought it was on the paper that told about the frame, and if it was on the plastic, I had no idea how to get this kind of paint off. Within about 20 seconds, I realized this must be a cover to protect the clear part from fingerprints. Sure enough, I peeled the film off (of both sides) and we were in business. As it turns out, the actual plastic part is much more erasable than the plastic film. Can’t wait to use these cute things on October 5!

Total Cost

$15 (but $0 once I get my reimbursement).