Reflecting on 365 Days of Pinterest

In case you are just tuning in, I just did a LOT of projects over the past bunch of days. More than 365 actually, so I thought I would take some time to reflect on the ones I really liked and some of the ones that I thought were really stupid. This is by far not an inclusive list because that would take just way too much time and this is, in fact, my day off.

Let’s start off with some of my favorites. Many of them happen to be crafts.

My number one favorite is Day 337 – Tree Branch Wall Hanging

Other favorites include:

89 – Wristlet Key Chain

209 – Burp Cloths

240 – Headband Holder

250 – Caterpillar Onesie

310 – Monster Bib

(My actual list of favorites includes 34 things…these are just my top crafts)

This is also just too great not to mention

Most of my least favorites include things that did not work out like I had hoped. It was sad when my very first day was a flop. I was also really disappointed in Day 326 – A Boredom Buster Game for kids. It just did not work like I thought it would.

I could keep going, but honestly, this post has taken a lot longer than I had hoped for my first day off. I went through all of my pins to find these highlights.

Thanks for being loyal followers this year…Check back in the future for more Pinterest posts…just not every day!


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