Day 365 – Refinishing a Table

And now…the moment you I have been waiting for…

Can you believe that I have been doing this madness for 1 whole year?

Everyone has been asking what I am going to do for my grand finale to ring in the new year (the new year of not having a Pinterest project every day). I really wasn’t sure. It seemed like everything I could think of would be a let down. I am not really sure what constitutes a finale-worthy project, but I guess this one is suitable.

We had been on the hunt for an end table to refinish for a while. We found one at the ReStore for $20, and even though it supports a great cause, I just did not want to pay that much money, knowing that I would still have to put some money into the table to get it looking modern.

Most of the tables that we found were in the $20 (or more) range, so we were persistent and kept on looking. One day we found this lovely gem at Goodwill for $6.



The drawer was very broken, but the rest of the table was in excellent condition. It was very well made. It just needed some sanding and a bit of other touch-ups.

I have never attempted a project like this before, and I was determined to do it on my own. I mean, women on HGTV do all kinds of crazy stuff on their own, right?

After some discussion about what would look the best, we decided that we would not try to repair the drawer. Instead, the husband would cut a shelf to go where the drawer was. I am not the best with power tools, so I thought it would be acceptable to take his help with this small part. I could handle the rest.

My first job was to sand down the top. The varnish was peeling off, so I sanded it down to a nice smooth finish. The rest of it was in good shape and did not need any touch-ups. The next task was to bust out all of the drawer mechanisms to create an open space for the shelf. I grabbed a hammer and whacked the heck out of the drawer parts…and it looked exactly the same as it did before I started. Maybe there was a little dent, but that’s about it. Every hit I took hardly made any change in the progress. I swallowed my pride and asked for some assistance, and the husband got it unstuck in 1-2 hits. Figures.

The original design of the table had a curved cut-out on each side. To modernize it, the husband cut it to be straight instead.

Then he got the shelf stuff in place and added some molding that we had laying around.  After a little wood-filling some nail holes and things, I primed it using Zinsser Primer (recommended by this blog) and then painted it. I had 2 coupons for a free sample of paint from the summer color palette at Lowes. I chose “Du Jour,” which is basically white. I thought it was a little off white, but really it is whitey white white, which works just fine. The only problem was that it seemed like it needed to be a little shinier. I was afraid that the paint would scratch too easily, so I got some polyurethane spray and applied 2 coats.

My plan is to find some bins (like ones that you see in basically every Target in America) to go on the shelves for things like pens, and notepads and things.

I am super happy with how this turned out and I think it makes a good end to one Pinterestful year.

Total cost: $6 (table), $4 (portion of the primer, there is a lot left), $8 (polyurethane), $2 (wood filler), $6 (wood for shelf) = $26



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