Day 364 – Cord Corral Tube

If you were to walk into my classroom (well, once it is fully set up), you would notice that we have a lovely smart board at the front of our room. The document reader that is connected to it is on a nice white cart and it is really a great set-up. The one problem is all of the cords. There are the electric cords from the smart board, document reader, speakers, and computer charger. Then there are also the cords that connect the document reader to the smart board and the ones that connect the speakers and the ones that connect the smart board to the computer. It is pretty chaotic over there. It would make perfect sense that you walk in and out of the side that doesn’t have the cords all over the place, but when you have kids involved, common sense sometimes goes out the window. Last year I don’t think we had any full trippers, but we definitely had some tangles. GO THE OTHER WAY!

To try to combat the cords, I created a cord corral out of a paper tube. It is so simple, yet (I hope) so effective.

I painted the tube with Mod Podge and then wrapped a scrap of fabric around. I let the fabric hang off the ends a bit.

Then I painted the outside with Mod Podge, making sure to cover the edges of the fabric that were hanging over.

Once it dries, I am going to cut off the extra fabric. The Mod Podge will keep the fabric from fraying. Then I am going to cut the tube open (one long cut down the side) so the cords can slide in once they are all plugged in.

Here is the link to the pin where I got the idea, but I kind of took my own way with it. I think it will be a cute way to hold our cords nice and tidy.

Total cost: $0


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