Day 363 – Stop Behaving Badly Notices

I’m cutting it close on time tonight…it is after 11:00 and I am just starting my post. Good thing there are only 2 days left!

Today I made these little signs to pass out to kids who are not doing the right thing in the classroom. The benefit to co-teaching is that we always have lots of extra people around to notice when kids are off task. Sometimes we can politely tap them and ask them to stop, but this notice is a tangible sign to remind them that they need to get back on track without interrupting the lesson.

Here is the link to the document so you can use them in your own classroom:

Stop What You are Doing Signs

I plan to print them on card stock and laminate them. We can have a pile of them in the room where all of the teachers and assistants know where to get them to pass out whenever they are needed. I made them small enough that they can be discreet. My hope is that only the perpetrator will notice he or she got one, not the whole class.

We will see how this works in real life in just a few weeks…

Total cost: $0


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