Day 362 – Rainbow Icing Design

Can you believe my baby nephew is turning FOUR in just 4 days?! Tomorrow is his “Spicable Me” birthday party, so I made the cake tonight. There wasn’t a lot of room for Pinterest fun in this cake, but I managed to (almost) incorporate an idea.

This pin (which is not in English) shows how you can put the icing color gel in the piping bag and then add the icing. When you squeeze out the white icing, it grabs the color and blends it into the design.


I was making a Despicable Me cake which had a minion on it, so my main colors were yellow and blue. I thought I would alternate the yellow and blue, which would blend together, but hopefully not too much that it turned green.

The idea worked, but I did not like how it turned out. There was a lot of white in it and the colors were uneven. The blue was really dark and the yellow was really light. Here is a look at some of my test tries:


I also tried it on the cake to see if I liked it better than on the plastic lid, but I hated it even more.

Instead, I made this fun yellow icing look like bananas (which are part of the movie):


This is a neat idea, but perhaps I need to perfect it just a bit more before using it on a finished product.

Total cost: $0 (this project cost $0…the materials obviously cost something, but I was going to be making this cake anyway)



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