Day 359 – Homework Notebook

Fact: Kids don’t do their homework. A lot.

You would think that when you have basically the same homework every night, you would remember to do it. Sadly, however, plenty of mornings have kids scrambling for excuses. My favorite excuse is “I left it in my book bag,” and then they go to their book bag to look for it only to come back admitting that they didn’t do it. You could have saved us all some time by just admitting it in the first place.

This homework journal is a place for those kids to show accountability when they do not do their assignment. I plan to have kids write their name and the date on some lines that I drew (on the first bunch of pages) and then during recess, they need to write a 3+ sentence paragraph explaining why they didn’t do it.

It is a good way to tell who and how often certain people skip their homework. I also like how it forces them to write a paragraph since they skipped what they should have written the night before.

It will be a few weeks before I put this journal into action, so we will see how it works in real life then. For now, I will just be happy that it isn’t quite school time yet.

Total cost: $0.01 (thank you Staples!)


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