Day 358 – Squirmy Wormies and Bottle Sprinkler

If I did not have access to children, this Pinterest blog would have been lacking some very fun activities. Sure, a lot of them haven’t worked out like we may have hoped, but it has been so fun trying them all.

Today was an especially fun day. I have been wanting to try these squirmy wormies all summer, but every time I suggest it, Little Miss Pinterest turns it down. Today, with the addition of a little mister, I decided to do it without asking. When I showed them the finished product, they were so excited and scarfed them down. Successs!

To make these tasty treats, simply slice a hotdog (or turkey dog in my case) and stick some uncooked spaghetti through.

Then boil until the spaghetti is done. Simple. Tasty. Fun.

Here are my reservations: Everyone knows not to cut hotdogs into throat-sized pieces for kids. We were really careful and everyone was over 3 years of age. If it was our main meal, I probably would have cut them into smaller pieces, but I took a risk, and we are all still alive.

Also, the spaghetti that was on the inside of the hotdog did not cook all the way. It seemed like the hotdog was getting overcooked, so I stopped it when the spaghetti looked wiggly. Perhaps I should have kept it in a little longer.

Then, later in the day, everyone was getting a little bored. So we decided to suit up and make a sprinkler.

I drilled some holes into an empty soda bottle, and taped it to the hose. The directions said to use Tyvek tape, which I happened to have. We turned the water on and watched for the water to pump out of the bottle, squirting into the air like it did in the picture…

and instead, we had a slight little drizzle bubbling out of the holes in the bottle. Certainly not anything you could jump in and out of on a hot day. I held it up in the air, and it made a good shower, but it was pretty impractical for me to stand there indefinitely while some kids got soaked.

So instead, I grabbed our plant/bird feeder holder and hung it on there. It was a little low, but fun enough for some water fun. I snapped this picture:


And as I was walking away to get my phone out of the splash zone, the bottle fell to the ground. They had approximately 2 minutes of wetness before it all fell apart.

Not willing to let this fun time disappear, I went with plan B (which was my original plan A until I read that they used Tyvek tape…): Duct Tape. I will probably regret it when I go to take it off of my hose, but it worked like a charm.

I ended up holding it in the plant hanger so it was tall enough for them to go through. This was not quite as fun as it would have been if I could have been sitting in my lovely gliding patio chair, but it was really not so bad. They had so much fun. They even did their own version of the Cha Cha Slide through the water which was pretty hilarious. Definitely worth a duct taped up hose if you ask me.

Total cost: Squirmy Wormies: <$1 (I think the whole pack of hotdogs was somewhere around $2 and I used 2 and a handful of spaghetti.)

Sprinkler: $0



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