Day 356 – Using Someone Else’s Shower

I cracked up when I saw this pin about using a different shower. It amazes me that there are so many different ways to get water to flow from a faucet. Every bathtub in the world seems to be different.
When I looked at the shower that I was using in a condo today, I immediately thought about this pin.

Here is the shower that I needed to decipher this morning:



My first thought was what in the world is that extra handle thing?
Upon further inspection, that is simply a handle to turn the water flow on and off. Up is on, down is off.
Ok…got it…how about temperature? The blue and red sticker on the black part told me to adjust that lever for heat. Got it.
Now I was almost ready to go, but it wasn’t coming out of the shower head yet.
I had to “read” the sticker that showed a diagram of me pulling down the spout on the faucet to get it to switch from tub to shower.
By this point, I had nearly worked up a sweat just to get the water flowing…good thing I was headed into the shower!

Total cost $0


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