Day 354 – Paper Tube Car

This morning at the vet, the lady asked Alyssa what we had in store for today. She replied, “I don’t know, probably a Pinterest project. We do one every day.”

Today we made a car out of a paper tube. It was quite simple. I had her find a toy she wanted to ride in it, and she picked Buzz Lightyear. I cut an opening that would fit him and had her color the rest of the car however she wanted. I deliberately did not let her look at the picture while she was coloring because I wanted her to use her own imagination.

The wheels were a little tricky. I found some circles to trace and had her cut them out. The only problem was that she used adult sized scissors, and her circles were a mess. I kept her inner circles, but I cut some outer circles so they would be more round than octagonal. Also, I did not have any paper fasteners to hold the wheels on to allow them to turn. I tried to rig something up with a paper clip or a push pin, but nothing seemed to work. So then I just stapled it. Lame, I know, but it is for a kid craft, and she told me I could!


Total cost: $0


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