Day 350 – Baby Powder to Remove Sand

Finally! I got to go to the beach this summer today, and it has been a long time coming. This has been the wackiest summer when it comes to weather. We had a lot of chilly days at the beginning of the summer. Then we had RAIN RAIN RAIN. Then it got deathly hot, and now we are back to the chilly, rainy kind of weather.

Today was the first summery weather day that we were able to sneak the time away to go to the beach. We went a few other times, but it was too cold or rainy to sit out and relax. Today, we were able to relax away. It was still too cool for me to go swimming, but it was delightful to just sit in the sand and read. I am nearly finished my book thanks to this beach trip!

I decided to take the opportunity to try using baby powder as a way to get the sand off of my skin. I had poked my toes into the water earlier in the day, so I had some sand caked onto my feet. I tested brushing it off with and without a handful of powder. The effects were pretty much the same. I didn’t see the sense in getting all powdery when the sand came off just fine without it.

Next, I tested it with wet sand. I walked down to the water and got my toes and shins wet. Then walked back, caking my feet with wet sand. I brushed one foot with just my hand, and the other one with some powder. It really made a difference to have the powder. It’s like the powder soaked up the moisture from the water and released the sand’s grip. It left a powdery residue, but I think that is better than a sandy residue.

Total cost: $0


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