Day 349 – First Birthday Card

Today was the party to celebrate my cousin’s son’s first birthday. It was supposed to be a pool party, but this crazy, aggravating summer ruined that plan with bucket-loads of rain. We still partied indoors, but it was a little tough to swim from in there. The birthday boy didn’t seem to mind though. He took a nap partway through to rest up for cake and presents.

When he got to my present (ok, let’s be realistic…he was playing with an old nesquik container while the older kids opened his presents in a frenzy), he noticed the card I made for him:

I got the idea from this card that I found on Pinterest (where else?). I noticed that it said it came from the Cricut cartridge called “Creative Critters,” and I knew I had that one. I figured I would be able to make mine look just like the original, just a little more boy-ish.

But then it turns out that I have “Crative Critters 2,” which is not the same as the original. I did not have that very cute giraffe. I think the lion with a birthday hat is a suitable replacement. There was not enough room on the card for the ribbon and the name, but unless you are comparing them side by side, I doubt you would notice.

Total cost: $0


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