Day 343 – Hot Spoon for Mosquito Bites

A few weeks ago, my parents won a set of wooden outdoor chairs with a table from the fire company raffle. They thought they would be wonderful for us to use as we gaze at our fire pit, and I could not agree more. Last night we had a lovely evening sitting outside enjoying our beautiful yard, watching the fire burn. The only down side to this delightful relaxation is that the next day, I always realize just how many mosquitoes there were outside. I have bug bites all over!

This idea had me heat up a spoon by running it under hot tap water, then pressing it onto my bug bite. Apparently it kills the protein that causes the itch.

So, I grabbed a spoon and ran it under the hot water and stuck it to my skin…AND THAT SUCKER HURT LIKE CRAZY!!!!


It is always about this point when I realize that sometimes these Pinterest things are just fake scams and I fell right into it. You would think by day 343 that I would have a sense for what is smart and what is stupid. Burning your hand with a hot spoon…stupid…


My bite does NOT itch at all anymore. Not when I touch it, not when I look at it, not when I try to remember how bad it itched before. In fact, the swelling of it has also gone down and I almost can’t tell it was ever there.

Maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t duped after all!

Total cost: $0 and a few skin cells (I have trillions more…no worries!)


No picture for the post = this moment of cuteness.


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