Day 341 – Connect the Dots Monsters

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with the niece (7) and the nephew (almost 4) for a few hours. Naturally, the fort from yesterday was the highlight of the morning. Alyssa was so proud of it. Nick thought it was neat, but he was kind of over it a little earlier than his sister would have liked.

We needed some structure in our day after we finished watching Monsters Inc. In keeping with the theme of monsters, I thought it would be fun to try an idea I found on this website that had 30 crafts and activities for toddler boys.

I drew some dots on paper and then the kids connected them however they wanted. Then they added faces, arms and legs.

Alyssa zoomed through, creating 5 different monsters…


In the same amount of time that it took Nick, who worked very carefully, to do 2.

The pictures are in order from the first they did to the last one they did. You can tell from Alyssa’s that she was just doing the last ones because she was bored. This is definitely a better activity for little boys than bigger girls. She is more into things like baking and painting. Immediately after finishing this she said her trademark line, “Can we do a Pinterest project?”

Nick, however, was very proud of his monsters. He said “This one is going to have lots of eyes! It has a HUGE eye!”

Total cost: $0


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