Day 337 – Tree Branch Wall Art

This project took quite a bit longer than I had planned, but I am so happy with how it turned out.

I was at Michael’s this weekend and found a super bargain on canvases. I scanned my Pinterest ideas and found this gem. The canvases I bought were 3 for the price of 1. One was 11.99 and I also had 25% off of that. I got them all for $8.99, and I was in Delaware so no tax!

When I got home, I decided to paint them a base coat of brown. The cheap brown was a little lighter than I wanted, but I figured it would make a good base coat. Then I had some black (from the chalkboard paint) and some “espresso” brown from the flower wall hanging. I mixed those together (slightly) to give it this streaky brownish black look. At first I used a sponge dipped in that brownish black and smeared it around on the brown canvas. Then I brushed it in. This gave me the most desired effect, but once it was done, I realized I needed another coat. My second coat of the brownish black was quite a bit darker than the first brownish black, and it looks a little different, but I like it. I am a little worried that it looks like I accidentally streaked it, or like it is not finished or something, but it is really on purpose.

Then I went online to find a printable branch decal that I could trace onto the canvas. After a long search, I came up with nothing that was free. So instead, I decided to draw it freehand. This took quite a bit of time, and I had to use 6 sheets of paper. Then I cut out each piece and traced it onto the canvas like a stencil. As you can imagine, this took a long time.

Then came the painting. I had what I thought was a small paintbrush to get into those small spaces, but it turns out it was just too big for what I needed. The painting had to wait until today when I could go out and get a new one. (Sadly, no bargain here…$6.97 for a pack of 5…and that is with a teacher discount!)

It was well worth the money though because that brush was just what I needed. I spent some time today finishing the painting. It is so therapeutic. It took a while, but not actually as long as I thought.

I plan on replacing the 8-year-old IKEA beach picture that is above my couch with this.


Total Cost: $0 (I had a gift card) or, if you want to be specific, $6.97 for the paintbrushes.


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