Day 336 – Cleaning Art Paintbrushes

I spent nearly the entire day today working on a Pinterest project, just to realize about an hour ago that the paintbrush I had was just too large to paint the details that I needed. I really thought it was going to be finished today, but sadly, it is not. Stand by: There is less than 1 month of my year of Pinteresting to go, so you should see it within the next few days.

Since I was left with some brushes that I realized were too big after I started using them, I had a mess on my hands. I took to Pinterest and found this website that gave some good tips on cleaning my brushes.

This seems to be written by a real artist…someone who knows what she is actually doing. Did you know that the metal part that holds your bristles in is called the ferrule?

If you need to wash any paintbrushes, I suggest reading this site. Some highlights that I used were to use warm, not hot, water so the bristles don’t separate from the ferrule. Also, I rinsed them in a bowl so that the paint did not go down the drain. I never really thought about that being a problem, but I guess it is a good idea. My brushes were quite small, so I did not have a lot of paint to wash out:


Here is the paint residue that I had left over in my bowl:


Look closely. It is the white dots. I wiped it out with a paper towel and threw it away. Now I can sleep soundly knowing that my drain is healthy without all of that mess clogging it up!


Total cost: $0


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