Day 335 – Convenient Life Hacks

There are lots and lots of ideas out there that we don’t even know exist that help our lives run a little more smoothly.

For example, have you ever left an embarrassing voice mail for someone and you wish you could have a do-over? I can’t immediately think of a time when this has happened to me, probably because I rarely call anyone but my mom and my husband. They already know I am a dork, so when I say stupid stuff on their voice mail, they just roll their eyes to themselves and love me just the same.

However, I am sure that there will be a time when I am glad to know that all you have to do is press # and it gives you some options. One of those options is to erase what you said and re-record. I tested it out and I am really glad to know that it works. I re-recorded a message one time and it worked. Then I tried it where I just said I wanted to re-record but then hit “end.” That made it so there was no message at all. The missed call showed up, but no message.

The other life hack I tried was tilting my head side to side after a bout of motion sickness. I generally do not get motion sickness, but sometimes on back roads while I am reading my phone, I start to not feel so good. Usually I keep it to myself and I know that it will go away after a while. Tonight, however, the husband thought it was funny to swerve back and forth across the road. That just amplified the sickness I was feeling, so I politely begged him to stop. He reminded me of the life hack to tilt my head side to side to get the sickness to go away. To my surprise, the sickness went away. I needed to do it a few more times on the ride home, but it worked pretty well. Not perfect, but a passable bit of relief.


Here is some cuteness since there is no picture to go with this post.


Total cost: $0


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