Day 333 – How To Make A Bow

There have been many times in my life that I have needed to make an easy quick bow. I thought this little tutorial would be helpful, so I gave it a try. I like to link you to the blog where my pins come from, but this one gave me the message “La página que estabas buscando en este blog no existe.” Good thing I took 4 years of Spanish back in the 90s. I definitely learned all of these words from Mrs. Glanville (except blog…those might not have existed then). Buscar means to look. Just like you are in a bus looking for your car. (She also taught me that llamar means to call…just like you are calling for your llama).

I followed the tutorial pretty specifically and here is my beautiful bow:


Nailed it!

Total cost: $0


(I tried this 4-5 times and came up with the same thing each time…if you know what I am doing wrong, feel free to let me know!)



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