Day 330 – Foam Printing

Let me take a moment to share with you my outrage for the day. It is completely unrelated to this Pinterest project, but maybe it will make you just a little outraged with me.

I have been using the Public Library to tutor students for probably the past 3 summers. We always sit at a table in the adult section and get down to business. This afternoon (4:45) when I arrived there was a laptop open at the first table with no person nearby, a man on a laptop meeting with another man at the next table, and empty table, and then the table I chose, giving distance to the men who were meeting.

Tutoring is the kind of thing that requires talking, but nothing out of the ordinary like throwing baseballs or playing hide and seek. We were respectfully sitting there reading our article about a shark when this lady came right by us and got a magazine from the rack right next to our table. I looked up and made eye contact with her, which I thought was weird because she seemed distinctly interested in what we were doing. Maybe she wanted to learn about sharks too? Then she sat down at the table next to us and I glanced at her and made eye contact with her again. Does she need help with multiple step word problems too? Weird, but I continued.

The next thing I know, a librarian came to me and asked if I minded moving to the children’s section. She was really sorry and seemed to feel really bad, and tried to help me see why the children’s section was such a wonderful place to tutor. I realized that I had just seen that same eye contact lady chatting with the librarian right before she came over to ask me to move.

My questions for her are:

Was there NOWHERE else in the library you could find to read your ever-so important magazine?

Did someone do something mean to you earlier in the day to make you such a crabby crabberson?

Do you hate education?

Do you hate kids?

Do you hate people?


Earlier in the day…

The niece is becoming increasingly skeptical of Pinterest. She seems to think that none of them ever work. Maybe I have been picking some bad ones. Maybe she is just a tough critic.

Today I had her just draw a picture on paper. I didn’t give her any other directions or clue to the project. Just draw a picture. It turns out I should have given her a little more direction because the picture she drew was very great in pencil, but was not going to be so successful for drawing on styrofoam. She had really great details in her puppy’s face, but I suggested she try to draw things a little bigger. Strike one: I think that discouraged her a little. Then I told her why I wanted her to draw. She was going to draw her picture again on a piece of styrofoam from a take-out container (that I asked for even when the waitress could clearly tell that I did not have any food to take home…she gave me one anyway:)). Strike two: Shortly after beginning to draw, she asked for another piece of styrofoam. I did not have one because the other side of the container was not really conducive to this type of activity. She continued to draw, but she was not that into it. Then we had to paint over the foam but be careful not to let paint get down into the pencil marks. She did a nice job with this part. Strike Three: We made one print and realized we needed to use more paint so we had to try it again. We made another print that was mostly successful, but she was not in awe. I wanted her to say “Wow, Crafty Aunt Katie, this was really neat,” or something similar. I got nothing. I asked if she wanted to make another one. She said no.

Oh Pinterest…could you please show me something that will impress this kid?


Total cost: $0


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