Day 329 – Brilliant Teacher Website

I know, I know! It is summer! So why am I pinning teacher things and counting them as my project for the day?

Because I tutor 4 times a week, that is why. I feel bad for these kids. They finally make it to summer and their moms make them go to tutoring every week. I really try hard to make it fun (ish) while still being educational. Sure, it is not the same as going to a water park, but I really hope they don’t leave there feeling like I was trying to pull their limbs off one at a time.

To try to make things more fun for the kiddos this week, I decided to pull in the computer for part of the time. I found this website that has a list of great teacher websites. Many of them are ones that I have tried before. I highly recommend Storyline Online for awesome stories read by famous people. All of the ones that I have watched are truly captivating.

One of the sites that I have never used or heard of before is Into The Book. It has fun activities for reading strategies that every kid needs help remembering; things like inferencing and synthesizing. Each strategy has a valuable yet fun activity that comes with it. I don’t think this is a replacement for simple paper and pencil responding to questions, which is also a test-taking skill, but it is a fun way to help them remember the reading strategies for future use. It should also help some of the skeptics buy into this tutoring thing (one of my kids really needs convincing that this isn’t the worst thing to happen to him).

We’ll see how it goes this week when I test it out in real life…


Here is a cute picture since there really isn't any picture from my project for the day.

Total cost: $0


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