Day 328 – No Slip Hangers

For a while now, I have gone to hang up my clothes and struggled to find hangers. Sometimes I can raid the husband’s closet, but he hasn’t seemed to have many extras either. Tonight, I decided to put an end to that problem and bought a new pack. The problem I found was that the cheap ones did not have that little edge thing to stop my clothes from slipping off. I had the option of buying 6 of the kind I wanted (sort of…they were a little weird too) for $3.49, making them 58 cents each. Otherwise, I could buy 10 of the kind that did not have that hook edge thing for $1.34 making them each just 13 cents.

I decided that I could raid all of the hangers I currently have to find the ones with the hook that I want and use them on the clothes that need those hangers. The other things would be perfectly happy on these plain jane ones. I will do anything for a bargain!

Happily, I remembered this Pinterest idea where you can wrap pipe cleaners around the hangers to keep clothes in place.

I decided to give it a try and here’s what I came up with:


This sweater was put on the hanger in an everyday normal way. I was not trying to make it fall:




Now with the pipe cleaners, it stays right where it needs to:



The original blogger used 2 pipe cleaners per side. I used 1/2 per side. At this time it seems like my 1/2 is working quite well. I have not, however, raided my closet yet to fix my other clothes…I may be increasing my pipe cleaner usage if the half seems to be insufficient.

Total cost: $0.26 (I made 2)


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