Day 327 – Pencil Crossbow

Yet another east coast rainy day! So to beat our boredom, we created a crossbow out of pencils and rubberbands.
The link did not have a tutorial, but it looked easy enough to create by copying the picture. Everything was going smoothly until we needed to connect the binder clip part to the bottom pencils. The angle of the picture did not show what they did, so we twisted a paper clip so part of it fit between the pencils and part of it was horizontal for the binder clip to attach. It was not very sturdy and needed to be fixed after each shoot, but it worked.
This crossbow has quite a bit of fire power. It could definitely shoot your eye out and should be done under adult supervision in a location where nothing can be ruined by a stray pencil careening out of control.
In our usual fashion, we turned this into a competition. We set up a little pyramid of plastic cups to see who could knock them all over. I am proud to say that I was able to get all 3 knocked down. I also had my fair share of complete misses. This game is harder than it looks!

Total cost: $0


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