Day 326 – Boredom Buster Game for Kids

No one likes rainy days, especially in the summer and especially when you are a kid. Sadly, in this geographical location, it seems to rain EVERY DAY! Most years all we hear about are the droughts and how we need to have water restrictions or else we will run out. Not this year. This year we have weeks on end where it just rains rains rains. The weather forecast literally shows rain for the next 7 days almost every week. I am really getting quite sick of it to be perfectly honest.

As if you couldn’t already tell, today was a rainy day. The sun did come out sometime around 2 or 3, but the whole morning was just a cloudy rainy mess. Not the kind of weather for outdoor fun. So instead, we made our own indoor fun.

I covered our doorway in a spider web of painter’s tape and we threw balled up magazine pages to see if they would stick.

The original pin turned this into an educational game about spider webs and bugs and stuff. I turned ours into a fierce competition to see who could get the most stuck.

This was very unsuccessful.

Our magazine page balls would not stick for anything. The only way they would is by walking up to the tape and pressing it on.

It kind of put a damper on the whole competition part of things.

On a positive note, one of us was really enjoying this game.



Total cost: $0


At least the teardown was fun!


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