Day 324 – Hanging Hangers

My closet is a pretty organized place, if I do say so myself. My pants are all in a row. My skirts are all in a row. Sweatshirts have their own spot. You get the idea. I really like everything to be facing the same direction, so when I hang my clothes, I make sure the hanger is facing the direction of a question mark before I put it on the shirt. Everything has been peaceful and happy in my closet for many years following this method.

A while ago I read about turning your hangers around so you can tell the things you haven’t worn for a long time. After one year, you are supposed to be able to look at the hangers that are facing backwards and you know those are the things you can probably get rid of. I avoided doing this for a long time because I was really happy with the way my closet was. But I am finding that I have a few things that get lost in there. I completely forgot about a red t-shirt that I just found tonight. It’s almost like I just went shopping in my own closet (ok…not really like that at all. I almost never wear that shirt, and probably won’t even now that I found it again).

It will be interesting to see what things look like after this year has passed. I might get annoyed with it before then and switch it all back to the way it was before. Only time will tell…


On a side note, if you did not click that link above, I highly recommend checking it out. She has a LOT of wonderful organizing ideas. Many of which involve major construction to your home, but they are wonderful.

Total cost: $0


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