Day 322 – Glittery Mason Jar Candle Holder

This is one of those days where I can’t wait for these 365 days to be over. The last thing I felt like doing tonight was a project, but in the interest of seeing this through, I have done one.

I had an extra little mason jar sitting around, so I decided to turn it into a glittery candle holder. I thinned out some glue with water and poured it in. My plan was to make a “hump” design by strategically spreading the glue around the jar. I suppose I poured too much glue in, but I had a lot that needed to be dumped out. I knew that as soon as I dumped it out, my hump design would be ruined, so I tried to do it very carefully. Then I wiped the excess with a paper towel, which ruined my hump. With each new attempt at fixing it, I made it worse. So then I used my finger to add a little more glue to the blank spots and just decided to forget about the hump thing. Then I dumped in some glitter…a lot of glitter…and spread it around. It captured a lot of glitter at the original pour site, so there was not a lot to shake around to the rest of the jar. I had to keep adding until I was nearly out of glitter.

At this point, now that the project is still wet, I am not a fan. I think it looks messy, and somewhat like a 4-year-old has made it at summer camp. I love projects that are actually done by 4-year-olds and for sure, if a cute little one gave me something like this as a gift, I would display it proudly. But at this point, I am not sure that I am willing to add this to my home’s decor.



Maybe it will improve when it dries…

Total cost: $0


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