Day 321 – Tips for NYC with Kids

Kids are expensive. Have you noticed? Even in New York, I can be a little cheapskatish, but it is incredibly hard when you have a kid around.
I took to Pinterest to find some cheap NY tips for traveling with kids. This site offered the idea of trying cheap eats like hot dogs or pizza. In a town where every street has delicious 99 cent pizza stops, we had a kid who hates pizza.
So we decided to pop into a deli for a nice meaty sandwich. The same site suggests that we try a “market,” but the 57th Street Market we went to was quite a bit shady and it didn’t look like anyone was interested in whipping up any sandwiches at the time of our arrival.
Onward we plodded to “NYC Deli” at approximately 54th and 9th. The first sign of demise should have been the cat that was aimlessly wandering the store. The clencher that got us to leave was the fact that we were the only ones in there, clearly looking at the menu by the deli meats for a good solid 3 minutes. When we went to order, the man behind the counter told us the person who does that job was not in yet.
You couldn’t have mentioned that while we were reading the menu?
So we got the kid a burger and we ordered a pizza.

This site had some good ideas of things to do with kids. It doesn’t boast “cheap” things, but they were fun nonetheless.
I wish we had more time to explore some of the other things on this list. We mainly focused on “Eateries and Stores.”
We visited Dylan’s Candy Bar and got a tasty assortment of delicious treats.
We also went to FAO Schwarz and Toys R Us where A got to play on the huge ($250,000) piano and hula hoop in the aisles. I think these made for some fun memories!



Total cost: Aside from food, which you can’t really get around paying for, I think we spent about $11 on kid stuff related to this post.


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