Day 319 – Brownie in an Orange

It is a fair statement to say that I am not a camper. I can list my camping experiences on one hand and they are pretty pitiful for some of those roughin’ it kind of people. When I was 5, my family went camping in Hershey, PA in my grandparents’ motor home. My friend runs a really fun Christian camp (SHACC) and I have been there a few times. That is probably it. All of which involved sleeping in buildings and having running water. 

So when I found this Pin for baking a brownie in an orange, I figured the only way I would really ever do it is over my fire pit. In general, we do not get a blazing huge fire in the fire pit because we usually only want to be out there for a short time. Even though my fire was nothing compared to a campfire, I thought I should give this fun brownie idea a try.



The original pin that gave me the idea did not have a cooking time, so I borrowed some ideas from this blueberry muffin in an orange site. They say to put it right in the flames. I tried to do that, but the fire was just not big enough. After 10 minutes, I checked on it, and it was still pretty much exactly the same as when I started. I put it back in for about 20 more minutes, and it was starting to cook around the edge a little bit, but it was still mostly goo. I quit on it after that and had a regular brownie from the pan I baked using the leftover batter.

I think the idea is a good one, you just need a real camping fire, not some sissy fire pit fire. Why not go hunt for some muskrat while you are at it and take a shower in a waterfall or something…I will be in my cozy house doing cozy things like blogging about Pinterest…

Total cost: $0.79


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