Day 317 – Corn Shucking Tip

That heading should really read Corn Shucking Scam.

I was so excited to have the first corn of the year so I could try this miracle shucking method. Cut the tip off the wide end and the corn should slip right out. Easy!

Yeah, that didn’t actually happen.

I mistakenly cut off the wrong “wide” end first. To me, the one end that has that handle on it (the one that is used to hold the corn onto the stalk) is the skinny end because that handle makes it really skinny. The top part is wider than that, so I cut the top off and tried squeezing it out.

I felt a little silly because of course nothing is going to squeeze out. I am holding something that is attached to the corncob. So I ended up shucking that piece like normal. 

Then I realized when they said “cut the wide end,” they must have meant the end of the corn minus the handle part. So I got excited again and thought this would be the time it worked. I cut the “wide” end and squeezed the top. This made sense!

But it didn’t budge.

I don’t know what I did wrong, but the lady in the picture is wearing a pot holder, so I was I supposed to cook it first? Is there some miracle step that I skipped because when you click the pin, it goes nowhere?

I shucked my normal way and it worked like a charm for me. I usually snap off the handle pretty early on. Then I peel a few of the outer layers of the green. Then when it is thinner, I grab onto the silks and the green part and peel half of it down. From holding on to the silk at the top, it eliminates a lot of it getting stuck on the corn. Then I do it to the other side too. That usually just leaves a few stray silk pieces that need to be pulled off.

UPDATE: I just finished typing all of that above and I was just really frustrated about how crappy the website was that I was connected to from the pin. It said “step 3” and showed slipping out, but I was just not satisfied that that was everything. Upon further investigation, there was a button about midway down the page that said “previous” and if you hit that a few times, it gives you the actual directions. You are supposed to microwave it for 5 minutes on high first. Then do all of that cutting stuff. That makes the pot holder make more sense now.

My questions about this are:

1. Would you still boil it, or is it ready to go now that it has cooked for 5 minutes?

2. How do you do this for more than 1 ear? Do you put them all in there for 5 minutes? Do you increase the time at all based on how many you have? Are you expected to cook a dozen ears for 5 minutes each so potentially you are spending 1 hour preparing corn that still needs to go into boiling water for 15-20 minutes? Do people ever even buy just 1 ear?

Total cost: $3 for the 1/2 dozen. (Remember when it was $3 for the whole dozen?) (I don’t really remember that, but it seems like it used to be.)


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