Day 316 – Cutting a Watermelon

Messy. Juicy. Wobbly. Risky.

These are just a few words that describe my experiences with cutting watermelons. I have a cutting board that holds 1/3 cup of liquid in a lip that runs around the edge, and no matter what I do, juice always overflows from that lip and gets onto the counter anyway (messy and juicy). When I go to make the first cut, the whole thing wobbles all around the cutting board and it is impossible to make a perfect cut (wobbly). On average, I have about 3-4 near misses where I wipe the imaginary sweat off of my brow and marvel at how close I came to losing a fingertip (risky).

Cutting a watermelon is a pain in the neck! (and almost a pain in the fingers). I wish I had a housekeeper like Alice from The Brady Bunch so that she could cut my watermelons for me. Also maybe she would do a bit of laundry and light cleaning while she was at it…

I found this Pin that helps cut a watermelon, but still does not avoid all of those adjectives from above.

You could just click on the link, and I think that would do a better job than my verbal non-pictorial explaining, but if you just really trust me, you can proceed with reading these steps:

1. Cut the watermelon into quarters.

2. Slice the watermelon parallel to the counter. You kind of need to do this on both sides of the peak at the top. (Seriously look at the picture…they are much better at explaining this than me) Nothing should be apart from the rest of the quarter.

3. Slice the cross way, perpendicular to the other slices.

4. Slice these chunks off of the rind and toss them into a bowl.


This method is pretty good when it comes to a quick chopping method. I just wish there was a better way to cut it open from the beginning.

Total cost: $4.50


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