Day 314 – Zucchini Recipe

I always feel like everyone else cooks better zucchini than me. It could be because I almost never cook zucchini, but whenever I try, I never feel like it is delicious. It’s fine. Ok. Edible. But not delicious. So naturally, I turned to Pinterest when my sister-in-law gave me 2 bags full of huge ones.


About one third of today's harvest

This recipe looks like it came from a magazine or a random package of something. Sometimes those are the best recipes, so I gave it a try. I liked how this suggested keeping it in until it was caramelized. Sometimes people get on me for not following directions, but I definitely did that here. I still ended up with “ok” zucchini. It never really caramelized. Maybe I should have broiled instead of baked.  Also, by only adding the salt and pepper, I felt like it did not have a lot of flavor. I tried adding more once it was cooked, and it helped a little, but it was still just fine. Kind of plain. Kind of squishy. Just “ok.”

Don’t worry, though. I have a lot more zucchini to experiment with.

Total cost: $0


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