Day 312 – Eating Healthy at a Restaurant

These days it seems that everywhere you turn, people are trying to be healthy. It is a huge challenge considering we live in a very unhealthy society. Am I the only one who gets a little tired of french fries beside nearly every entree at nearly every restaurant? It is like fried things are paraded in front of our faces at every turn and it is a difficult decision to turn them down.
With that said, I absolutely love bad-for-you things. You name it, if it is bad for you, I probably love it. So the prospect of this Pinterest project was quite daunting.
I decided to use the tips from this website to help me be just a tad healthier.
1. Pay Attention to Portion Sizes: Have you ever noticed how when you order a pasta dish at some Italian restaurants it looks like they cooked an entire one pound box for one person? Who eats that much? Certainly not me. I generally do not eat my entire meal, so when this suggested I get half packaged to go before I started, I chose to ignore. I ate about half and had no problem stopping because I was very full.
2. Swap Your Side: There was no chance that I was swapping the mashed potatoes for more vegetables. Mashed potatoes are my favorite food ever. It already came with some green beans. That was good enough for me.
3. Pass The Buffet: we literally passed a Golden Corral on the way to the restaurant, so I’d say we hit that one.
4. Beware of Dressings: I ordered mine on the side.
5. Don’t Drink your Calories: I really wanted something other than water, and I am not a diet soda fan (plus, calories or not, that stuff is bad for you too). I got unsweetened iced tea. It has more flavor than water but with no sugar or preservatives, it is just as healthy (almost). You may have to train yourself to drink it straight, but man I love it!

I doubt the Sweet Frog yogurt I had after dinner fits on the healthy spectrum either. But it was sooo tasty.


Thank goodness I am not on a weightloss contest show like the Biggest Loser. I am pretty sure I would be the one who is shocked to find that I did not lose any weight in week 5 and pretended I had no idea how this happened.

Total cost: $0 to follow all of the directions. A bit more than that for the restaurant bill.


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