Day 311 – Car Trivia

Well this was a flop. We were getting a little bored in the car so I searched “road trip trivia” and came up with this site that promised a car and road trip trivia that would help pass the time.
They weren’t kidding when they said “car trivia.” It was literally questions that had to do with cars. Sort of.
There were questions about the name of the first car and the average speed of the first grand prix. But then there were also questions about the movie Cars. A lot of the time we were playing, I was thinking how I could have created a trivia game like this if it meant I could write down any questions that were just at the top of my mind.
I had to deal with a lot of grumbles from the husband about how stupid this game was, but I forced him to finish for the sake of this blog.
We scored 60%.
We obviously stink at car trivia.

Total cost: $0 (thankfully)


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