Day 310 – Monster Bib

Finally! I have had the chance to make this monster bib that I have been planning for months. I think I printed and cut the pattern on the Thursday before Easter. I was really planning on making it that day, but then, as always, something came up and it was put off until today.

This was a very fun project. I did not find anything particularly frustrating, and it was a quick job. I could see myself making a bundle more of these in a lot of different colors, just like the girl in the picture.

A funny bit of trivia: The white for the eyes and teeth is from an old sheet and the black from the eyes is from an old pair of pants. I’d call that upcycling at its best!

Total cost: It has been a while since I bought the fabric, but I think it was about $5 a yard and I bought 2 yards. That would be $10, but I only used about 1/3 of that fabric, so we could say it was about $3.33.


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