Day 308 – How to Make a Smoothie

Remember back when I froze those strawberries? Around 3:30 today my mom and I decided that we needed to go pick some more before they were out of season. We got there at 4 and that gave us precisely 1 hour to pick as many strawberries (and it turns out blueberries were ready too!) as we could before they closed.

I really wanted to try this recipe for sorbet, but apparently you need an ice cream maker and I don’t have one. Instead, I tried this How to Make a Smoothie chart. I like how it gives ideas for each part of the smoothie so smoothie-lovers can make them to fit their needs.

For my fruit, I included about 10 small and medium strawberries and approximately 2 handfuls of blueberries (how do you measure blueberries?…I certainly did not count them).

For the base, I added about 1 cup of orange juice. I did not measure, so I would say it was probably a little less than a cup. It suggested to add less if your fruit was really juicy. I did not want my smoothie to be too thin.

For the thickening agent, I added vanilla yogurt. I could have bought plain yogurt, but I really hate plain yogurt. Also, with the vanilla, I can add some of the plain berries to it for a tasty breakfast.

The next two sections were the ones I skipped. I did not add a “flavoring,” although I think a bit of sugar or Splenda would have added a nice touch. I also did not add any power boosts. I just used up my last bit of bee pollen and probiotics last week…


I blended this all together in my blender on the liquify setting and in a few quick seconds, I had a smoothie. It reminds me of the ones I used to get in college.

Total cost: $0 (thanks Mom!)

*Where the heck do you buy things like bee pollen??


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