Day 306 – A Birthday Present An Hour

Today is the husband’s birthday and to celebrate, I gave him one present every hour from the time that he was born. It was convenient that he was born at 12:40 a.m. so that’s when the presents started.

Unfortunately, he was sleeping at that time, so when he woke up he got to open a bunch at one time. Also, the logistics of his work schedule did not allow him to stop what he was doing every hour to open a present, so he had to do a bunch all at lunch time and then a bunch when he was leaving. Then when he got home, he did a few at the correct hour, but then we were sitting around the fire pit listening to a 3-year-old’s “spooky stories” and eating s’mores and forgot a few. All in all, I think it was a fun little birthday surprise.


Here are just a few of them. Notice the wrapping...I finally used up all of the scraps I had been keeping.

Total cost: $A lot more than your average Pinterest project.


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