Day 304 – Toasted Marshmallows with Rolos

This past Christmas, I got a fire pit and we got to use it for the first time tonight. I can see this becoming a regular occurrence this summer. It was so relaxing!

As an inaugural fire pit experience, we roasted some marshmallows stuffed with Rolos. The original pin suggested using the mini Rolos. Since I had the regular size ones, that’s what I used. It was quite a struggle to get the marshmallow around it.


When I put it on the stick, I made sure to stab the marshmallow and the Rolo so nothing unfortunate happened, such as the Rolo falling into the fire.

The finished product was quite delicious. It is best if it is held in the fire a while so the chocolate and caramel get nice and squishy.


Total cost: $1.18 for a whole bag of marshmallows. I have had the Rolos since Christmas.


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