Day 303 – Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

We have had a growing addiction to Cookies and Cream ice cream in this household. It started last summer, and is mostly exclusive to Turkey Hill. Stone Ridge Creamery is passable and quite tasty, but Turkey Hill is definitely at the top of the list.

Tonight, I went grocery shopping at Walmart and they DO NOT SELL TURKEY HILL!!! I was going to get a different brand of Cookies and Cream, but I decided to branch out and get Breyer’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel so I could fill some chocolate bowls with some ice cream. We just ran out of Cookies and Cream last night.

As I was scooping, I read the package more carefully. It is, in fact, “Frozen Dairy Dessert” and it contains “pretzels covered in chocolate flavored coating.” Failure! It tastes alright, but it is no Cookies and Cream.

So now about the bowls…They were much more successful than the frozen dairy dessert.

Also they broke my microwave. More about the bowls later. Let’s chat about the microwave.

I put 3 squares of almond bark into a glass bowl and microwaved it for 30 seconds, as I do every time I melt almond bark. This time, I heard a funny noise that I attributed to the turn table being off a little. When I heard it a second time, I opened the door and jiggled the turn table. After the 30 seconds, I gave it a good stir and put it on for 15 more seconds. I thought I smelled something, but I also thought maybe I was over reacting and looking for there to be a problem. During the second round of 15 seconds, I saw a spark and that was enough for me. There will be no fires for this girl tonight…I have chocolate bowls to make!

I was a little unsure of what to do next because my chocolate was not completely melted yet. I was thinking about using the stove, which would have been much more mess than I had bargained for. Instead, I just kept stirring and it all melted just fine.

Now I just need a new microwave…great!

To prepare to make the bowls, I washed 2 balloons. That is something that I have never done before. Then I blew them up to what I believed would make a decent bowl size and dipped them into the chocolate. It was not until after I had finished that I noticed the picture showing them putting a little mound of chocolate on the wax paper before they set the balloon down. I did not do this, which is probably why one of my bowls ended up having a hole in the bottom of it.


I also tried chocolate covered grapes. Not so good.

I refrigerated them for somewhere around 15-20 minutes. I didn’t time it. It was enough time for me to refill 2 hand soap dispensers. I probably did something else too, but I can’t really remember. When I felt the chocolate, it was nice and hard, so I figured it was good to go.

I snipped a hole in the balloon and as the air was seeping out, the balloon edged away from the chocolate. I had to pull the rest of it out. This was a little tricky because it was really stuck. I was afraid I would break the bowl, but I didn’t. I only chipped one little piece of one of them.

The ice cream frozen dairy dessert fit perfectly and it was quite tasty to break bits of the chocolate bowl off to dip into the f.d.d.


This would be a fun project to do with kids or at a birthday. You could also adjust the size of the bowls to whatever you want based on how much air you put in your balloon.

Total cost: $0.97 for 30 balloons. I have had the almond bark for a while.


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