Day 302 – Cherry-Sprite Jello

Tonight’s dinner was very summery. We had steak on the grill and pasta salad (and I had broccoli, which is pretty much an all-season vegetable). When I was looking in the pantry for any other delicious dinner accompaniments, I spotted a box of cherry Jello. Since I can’t just make anything without seeing what Pinterest has to say about it, I sat it on the counter and hopped on my computer.

I found this recipe (among a LOT of recipes that involve putting fruit in Jello…I really don’t like fruit in Jello except in pretzel salad) that called for adding “a can of coke” to the Jello.

To be more specific, it said to boil 1/4 cup of water and mix in the Jello mix. Then to add “a can of coke” and refrigerate.

Have you ever tried to boil 1/4 cup of water? I don’t think that I have before today, but it barely covered the bottom of my pot. They say a watched pot never boils, but I needed to watch this one to make sure it didn’t boil away to nothing. Then I stirred in the powder until it dissolved and added 12 ounces of Sprite because I did not have any Coke.

The link on the pin did not lead anywhere, so I only had the comment section as a guide. It seemed to me that I needed to add a bit more soda to get the amounts to equal out correctly. I was afraid it would be too concentrated.

I waited and waited for it to harden, but it hasn’t really gotten to Jello standards. Now that I am typing this, it occurs to me that perhaps I added too much soda, which is possibly why it is more the consistency of Jam than Jello.

It tastes good and has that fizzy quality to it from the soda. It would probably be better if I had just left it alone and followed the directions. ALWAYS FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!


Total cost: $0


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