Day 300 – Bathroom Cabinet Organization

One thing about my house is that it is lacking in storage places. Sometimes I tend to get frustrated and then shove things in when I can’t get them back into their puzzle-like locations. Hence this chaos under my bathroom sink:


It usually houses most of the cleaning products, extra tissues, light bulbs and toilet paper. That is quite a job for a 24 (?) inch cabinet. I saw this pin that suggested I organize my plates by using cabinet shelving. I already do that, so I adapted this to fit my needs.

I bought a shelf from IKEA a while ago without a definite place I wanted to use it. I thought I was going to use it on this bathroom shelf, but I was afraid to commit to that until tonight. As with any IKEA purchase, this involved some assembly. As easy as it may have been, I still nearly got to the point of quitting when the fourth screw would not go in for anything. I had to recruit my Pinterest assistant to do it. He informed me that I had the wrong size screw driver. Excuse me, but it worked for the other 3 perfectly fine. I seriously doubt it was the screw driver’s fault. Someone at the IKEA factory was probably like “Jag är uttråkad och vill göra något för att lura de godtrogna dårar så jag kommer att röra upp denna skruv” which is Swedish for “I am bored and want to do something to trick those unsuspecting fools so I am going to mess up this screw.”

After a bit of minor aggravation, we he got it and this is what we have now:


Total cost: $2.99 ? I really can’t remember. I am pretty sure it was in the 2s.


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