Day 299 – Pennies in Vinegar Experiment

I know this little girl who LOVES vinegar. It is the oddest thing I have ever seen. I thought she would really like to see how her favorite acidic condiment could change the look of a penny. We mixed 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of salt and stirred it until it dissolved. (She licked the spoon and did not even make an icky face)

Then, we tried putting just 1/2 a penny into the vinegar solution to show how it would clean off the grime. Later, we put all of the pennies in, and they all came clean. The fun part was when we rinsed half of the pennies and left the other ones to sit for an hour. Then we put 2 nails and 1 screw in the solution that the pennies had just come from. It said to use steel nails and screws, but I have no real way of knowing which are steel and which are some other kind of metal. We put 1 of the nails so it was half in and half out of the vinegar, and the other 2 were totally in. The nails got nice and dirty looking after about 10 minutes in the solution, but nothing happened to the screw. It was probably some other metal, I guess. It was neat to see the change happen right before our eyes.
(I forgot to take pictures. This is all that’s left after the clean-up)

We didn’t really get too into having this be a super sciency science experiment because then we decided to go to the beach and all of our thoughts were occupied with that. It was pretty cold and windy, but here are a few pictures of our shenanigans…




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