Day 298 – Gummy Worm Science

Gummy worms….good


So why not put them together?

Today began Aunt Katie and Alyssa’s Summer of Fun Take 2. We were supposed to kick it off by going to the beach, but the threat of bad weather was enough to keep us away. Instead, we did a little science experiment.

Today we tested how temperature affects the stretchiness of gummy worms. First we measured a regular worm. Then we measured how far it would stretch before breaking. Then Alyssa rubbed one between her hands for 4 minutes. That is quite a long time, and she was ready to be done after approximately 45 seconds. She is tenacious though, and kept on going. Then we measured one that had been in ice for 4 minutes and one that had been in hot water for 4 minutes (these were in baggies so they did not get soggy).


Here were the results:


I love forcing kids to get involved in science experiments. This kid will be a scientist or engineer in no-time! (She was pretty much forced to draw a conclusion and write that sentence at the end…maybe she will need just a bit more coaxing for that scientist/engineer thing…)

Total cost: $0.98


2 thoughts on “Day 298 – Gummy Worm Science

  1. What a great educational activity, Aunt Katie! We officially kick off our summer today. The eldest son has already complained that our schedule for today does not include the pool. Due to the weather, we are focusing on Father’s Day crafts. I am sure that will be just as fun for the boys as the pool.

    • I love having the time to do fun things in the summer. The nerdy teacher in me thought about how we could graph our results, but I thought that was a bit too much like school and there might have been a revolt.

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