Day 295 – United States Puzzle

It’s the last week of school!!!! I hope that that last sentence expressed the excitement and jubilation that I am feeling at this present moment. Tomorrow is the last day for students, which means that today was a mishmash of things like an awards ceremony and an ice cream party. We were supposed to have a kickball tournament, but the rainstorm put an end to that. In between all of our events, we needed to fill some random time. Any downtime for these kiddos at this point means chaos, and I.hate.chaos. So I found this fun little game where the kids had to pick a state and find where it goes on a map.

In my mind, this would help students understand the geography of the US and help them see where each state is positioned. I thought they could learn a little bit about state capitals and just reiterate all of the things they learned in fourth grade.

In reality, it was a mind occupier for the one person at a time that was called to come position a state, but the rest of the class pretty much tuned out. They were not loud or rambunctious, but I am sure that the majority of them did not pay attention to what the others were doing. Some kids might have soaked in a state name or something, but let’s be honest…they were probably the ones who already knew that stuff anyway.

Oh well, it soaked up a 20 minute block of time that we needed to fill.

Total cost: $0


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