Day 294 – Freezing Strawberries

My really wonderful mom went strawberry picking (without me…again!) and gave me quite a bundle of the harvest. There are way more than I can use before they go bad, so I knew I needed to freeze some. I can’t wait to use them in smoothies and other delicious things later in the year.

I had an idea for what to do to freeze them, but I thought I would seek out what Pinterest had to say. I found this website that said to wash and cut the berries and then layer them on wax paper, making sure they don’t touch. Since I am limited on freezer space (there was an amazing sale on meat the other day at the store!), I needed a way to get the most frozen in the least amount of space. This seemed like the way to go. They are freezing now, so if it is not successful, I will try to let you know not to bother. I don’t really see how it could go wrong.

Total cost: $0


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