Day 291 – A Little Bird that Starts with an Arrow

Tonight did not quite go as I had planned. It is currently 10:17 and I am just now getting home and able to Pinterest.

We had an appointment at 7:00 at Pep Boys to get new tires, which meant we had to leave at 6 to get there in time. Somehow they had our appointment scheduled for 5:00 (which we would never have made because we knew we could not get there at that time) and they informed us that they probably would not get to us tonight. We did not take no for an answer, so instead we had to wait until around 9:00 to be done. It was kind of nice to sit around and read my book without other nagging tasks that needed to be accomplished. I couldn’t do laundry if I was sitting in the Pep Boys waiting room, now could I?

So at 10:00, I came home and decided to draw this cute little bird. I liked that the pin gave steps for how to draw it. It all started with 1 little arrow. I had to do some erasing and retrying because the wing was giving me a little trouble. I think I did alright with it.

Total cost: $0

p.s. I wish there was a Pinterest project that involved hilarious unlikely Amish situations. If that was a thing, I would have taken a picture of the Amish buggy that was parked at a gas pump tonight. I know the Amish do not like their pictures to be taken, and there was a woman in the buggy waiting, so out of respect, I did not take a picture, but man did I want to.


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