Day 283 – Rita’s Gelati

I needed a new bathing suit for this weekend, so tonight we headed to Dover, DE for some tax free mid-week shopping and we decided to treat ourselves to Rita’s. I was really interested in their vanilla custard tonight, and I was pretty sure that was what I was going to get.
And then the most amazing thing happened…
A man from Med Express (a local walk-in clinic) gave us a flyer and said he was paying for one item per person…our dessert would be free.
With that fortunate news, I decided that I did not need just a measly cup of custard. I needed a gelati, which I almost never get. I got strawberry colada ice with vanilla custard. The husband got Swedish fish with vanilla custard. Both were delicious, but mine was better. We were going to get regular sized gelatis, but the guy at the counter was pretty convincing that we should get larges because they were free. I am easily swayed, so I did.

Total cost: $0 (wahoo for good timing)


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