Day 282 – Bat Dogs


The Original Pin

A few weeks ago, while scanning through some pins, I found a really adorable dog with really big ears. For some unknown reason, I did not pin it, and once you pass over something, it may never be found again. I was ok with it because my dog doesn’t really have Bat Dog kind of ears, and I didn’t really know anyone who did.

And then my sister-in-law decided to foster a Pitt mix whose ears are perfect Bat Dog ears.


And then, as if there wasn’t enough cuteness in that household, I went over there today and was greeted by this fluffbug. She is a 3 month old yorkiepoo with the most perfect Bat Dog ears I could imagine.

I almost stuffed her in my pocket and took her home with me.


Total cost: $0

It’s not her fault she doesn’t have Bat Dog ears…



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